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I am Jim Chadwick, and I want to let the people of Lamar County know why I am supporting Scott Cass for Sheriff. Just to give you some background, I was born, raised and educated in Chicota. After 4 years in the air Force I spent 25 years in law enforcement including 23 in the Dallas Police Department. I spent fourteen years as Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Paris and I have been a private investigator working in Paris since 1999. I have known Scott Cass personally and professionally for more than 19 years and I can tell you that when he becomes Sheriff of Lamar County he will be a Sheriff we can all respect and look up to.

Scott is a graduate of the FBI Academy, the Dallas Police Academy and an honor graduate from both PJC and Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls. As he seeks to serve Lamar County as Sheriff, he brings with him not only that training, but his years of experience in Lamar County Law Enforcement. Scott is not entangled with any private interest or group that will impair his judgment in enforcing the law here: his only interest is the people of Lamar County. His years in law enforcement have given him something of real value that can be acquired only by being there:  good sources of information. An investigator is only as good as his sources of information and during his 19 years of working Lamar County, he has developed many reliable sources of information. These contacts trust Scott Cass because he is an upfront, honest lawman who treats everyone with decency and respect.

I have watched Scott for the last 14 years while he served as Chief Deputy of Lamar County and it is clear to me that he possesses the qualities that Lamar County citizens want and respect in a Sheriff. Scott didnít just get religion and become civic minded when he decided to run for Sheriff, heís been involved in the civic life of this county for more than 19 years. He is a good father to his children, a good husband to his wife, Katherine.  In his professional and his private life, his actions embody and honor the Christian values we all look to in this county. Scott wants you to hold him to a higher standard. These are the reasons that my family and I are all supporting Scott Cass for Lamar County Sheriff. 

Vote Scott Cass for Sheriff Tuesday, May 29th!


- Jim Chadwick, Retired Investigator Dallas Police Department