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My name is Pam Tuttle. I am the widow of slain Paris Police Officer David Roberts, who was killed in the line of duty in September 1985. I will never forget that tragic day when David was killed after stopping two suspects for the robbery of the Braum's Ice Cream store in Paris. My husband, David Roberts, dedicated his life to law enforcement and helping out people who were in need. The day David was killed, there were numerous officers from Paris PD, Lamar County Sheriff’s Office, Highway Patrol and other agencies from outside Lamar County in both Texas and Oklahoma who came over to help in the search for David’s killers. My family and I were overwhelmed by the tremendous support we received from the officers that David considered his other family. I have since realized the closeness and trust these special officers develop that have made law enforcement their life career.

After the death of David I eventually remarried, Joe Tuttle, who is currently a Sergeant Investigator with the Lamar County Sheriff’s Department.  Over these last 17 years, my children and I have faced numerous nights, days, weekends and holidays without my husband at the house due to crimes that occurred. He was called out for investigations that involved working with Scott Cass and other officers. I would have much rather had him home with the family, but I know the dedication of these officers and the importance of serving the people of Lamar County. As a wife of a law enforcement officer, it is not easy, but it is something that you accept. You just pray that your husband returns home when his job is completed.

Scott Cass is currently the Chief Deputy of the Lamar County Sheriff’s Department, and a well-known name around my home. Scott Cass and my husband have worked closely together over the years on numerous cases that have taken both of them away from their families. They have worked major cases that has caused them to travel to other counties and even out of state, but as citizens of Lamar County, you never hear about the good things the Lamar County Sheriff’s Department does and the crimes they have cleared. They do their job and then go on to the next case only commending themselves on a job well done.

Sheriff B.J.  McCoy is retiring this year, and the only person qualified and experienced to run the Lamar County Sheriff’s Department is Scott Cass. Therefore, my support will be for Scott Cass because I know that he is dedicated to the job and to the citizens of Lamar County. I am asking you to join with me and cast your vote for Scott Cass as the next Sheriff of Lamar County on May 29, 2012.


 - Pam Roberts Tuttle